How it works

How Homeaun Works

We have helped over 3,000+ homeowners sell their home easily, we can help you too.


We make it easy.

Request. List. Get Cash.

Homeaun works on behalf of you to to over 100+ investors looking to pay top dollar for your property. 

No strings attached and no commitment.

Request an Offer

Step 1

Fill out our simple 3-step request form so we can get the basic information regarding your property to see if you qualify.

Connect with a Homeaun Advisor

Step 2

Get a quick followup from one of our Homeaun advisors who will visit your home for a quick inspection and will guide you on the next steps towards selling your home.

Receive multiple cash home offers 

Step 3

Receive multiple high value cash offers for your home that we think you will love straight to your inbox. Simple.

Move out on your timeline

Step 4

Move out on your timeline. Once you are happy with your offer, you can move out after 30-90 days from closing. Bliss.

Lisa's Story

“Homeaun changed everything. I was able to move out of our property in less than 30 days and move to our dream home in North Carolina.”

“Homeaun made it easy for me to compare multiple cash offers vs. a traditional listing and see my options. It was an easy switch.”
Jammie White
“Truly no strings attached Homeaun offer was amazing. I was looking for better cash offers for my home and I compared them here and sold my home!”
Michael Johnson
“I was offered 10% higher on my home compared to all of the offers I was receiving and couldn't believe it. ”
Julie Kyle